Duck Fat Caramels

May 15, 2016

Duck Fat Caramels

Just before Christmas 2015 I decided to make a special flavoured caramel for a friend who adores duck fat. So yes, I made Duck Fat Caramels. I kind of forgot about them until this week when a customer came in and said she really enjoyed the duck fat caramels. I had made the batch for a friend but gave away the caramels to customers who came into The Shoppe over a two day period.

Anyway, the reminder of these lovely caramels also reminded me that I intended to do a post on the real inspiration behind making these caramels.

Olive & Sinclair came through my Instagram feed one day last year and because I'm a packaging fiend I was instantly drawn to them.

Handcrafted by native Nashvillians in the heart of Music City, Olive & Sinclair is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the South. But they also produce two sumptuous sounding caramels Duck Fat and Sea Salt & Vinegar.

Located in Tennessee, these candy makers have products and a space to die for - relocating to an old grocery store builtin 1890 in the heart of East Nashville where they host factory tours.

And now they've launched their new brand Seersucker Candy Co. where they handcraft Soft Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Ganache, Salted Bourbon Caramel and Pickled Cherry Cordials.

So if you are ever heading down south, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out Olive & Sinclair and please, pick up some of their duck fat caramels for me. Oh, and some cherry cordials too.