All The Sweet Places You Must Go In Victoria, BC

May 21, 2016

All The Sweet Places You Must Go In Victoria, BC

Victoria is a pretty sweet place to live. And it's about to get even sweeter.

While trolling around on the internet, I discovered there are a few new confectioners that are about to open shop here in Victoria. In addition, there's an old favourite that has moved locations and will be re-opening this week. So I figured now's the best time to give you a run down of all the places you must go to for a sweet fix here in Victoria:

The Best Frozen Treats in Victoria

Kid Sister

Kid Sister is best known for their Latin American fruit popsicles in amazing flavours as pear-riesling, mango-raspberry, and their ice cream paletas like coconut-espresso and raspberry-rhubarb creamsicle.

Kid Sister popsicles

Kid Sister is typically only open from April through to end of October but they recently moved to a new (very funky and exciting) location in Victoria's Fan Tan Alley. They are set to open next week (end of May 2016) and along with their popsicles and paletas you will find floats, sundaes, and the classic ice cream scoop.

Find Kid Sister at:

#10 Fan Tan Alley
Victoria, British Columbia


Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort ice cream is seasonally inspired and hand-crafted in small batches. Best known for some of the best ice cream sandwiches around, you can also get ice cream (dairy, non-dairy, standard or vegan) by the scoop or customize your own Empire Donuts sandwich.

Find Cold Comfort at:

1115 North Park Street, next door to Fernwood Coffee
Closed Monday & Tuesday

The Best Independent Chocolate Stores in Victoria, BC

Pure Lovin' Chocolates

Located at the entrance to Fan Tan Alley, Pure Lovin' Chocolates is run by a mother and daughter team who handcraft beautiful chocolates using organic, Fair Trade chocolate, coconut cream, brown rice syrup and sugars. They produce a full line of vegan, soy free and gluten free products so they can be enjoyed by almost everyone.

Find Pure Lovin' Chocolates:

3 Fan Tan Alley,
Victoria, BC


The Chocolate Project at The Hudson market.

What started in 1999 as a project by local Chef David Mincey to bring awareness of issues in the chocolate industry to a wider audience is now a full curated selection of over 300 different bars from more than 60 bean-to-bar artists around the world.  

Yes, really THREE HUNDRED DIFFERENT BARS! Including a full selection of Victoria's own bean-to-bar Sirene Chocolate and Terrible Truffles.

Mincey's table (or rather, tableS) and his knowledge about chocolate is a chocoholics dream. And even if you aren't a chocoholic, the array of bars will tantalize even the pickiest of taste buds.

Find The Chocolate Project:

Hudson Market
1701 Douglas Street
Wednesday to Sunday, 11am - 5pm


Victoria's Newest Sweet Additions

Parachute Ice Cream in Rock Bay is owned by Victoria Pie Company and is set to open VERY soon. Word is that Parachute will will be hand-making ice cream and gelato, milkshakes, floats, hot chocolates, sundaes, soft serve and slushies with local dairy and other high quality ingredients. 

Their motto is:

"Every problem has a solution and more often than not, that solution is ice cream. One spoonful of our carefully crafted confections triggers the ultimate release. Two will save the day. Ice cream is love and love is all you need. Let it go."

They will be located at 2626 Bridge Street which, if you aren't familiar with Victoria, a more industrial neighbourhood. But you will find Hoyne and Driftwood Brewing within spitting distance.



So, the word on the street is that Quebec-based ChocolatsFavoris has its sites set on opening in Victoria in the very near future. Never heard of them? Well, neither had I so I did a bit of, Googling.

Chocolats Favoris was founded in 1979 as a small family-owned business that produced high-end chocolate products for Easter. Chocolats Favoris became know for the dark liquid chocolate it made to dip cones at their ice-cream counters throughout the Quebec City region. It was purchased in 2012 by former tech entrepreneur Dominique Brown who has ambitions to building the brand to be one of the world's leaders in chocolate.

Stores feature stylish counters that sell hard chocolates and ice-cream products, including dipped cones. They also feature pipes carry and dispense 12 varieties of liquid chocolate in full view of customers.

They recently held a job fair downtown where they said they would opening mere doors away so I expect you will find them on Government Street, close to the Inner Harbour in the coming months.

**Update (July 17, 2016): The store is now open and it's everything that it looks like in the pictures. My hubby and I had a small chocolate dipped cone. We found the chocolate coating super sweet and would recommend getting a mini next time. Our girls each had one of their milkshakes which we found less sweet, despite ordering the cotton candy flavoured one. Either way, the treats are good value for your dollar.

Until then, here's a peek at their other stores:

ChocolateFavoris Victoria, BC


I think ice cream parlors are like bakeries - you can't have too many of them in town.

49 Below Ice Cream is another artisan parlour that has a basic internet presence but there's not much more than that at this time. I found a Google listing that says they will be located by the MacDonald's on Pandora and that "49 Below is a small-batch ice cream company that delivers to you." So we'll have to see what all this means once they officially launch.

**Update (July 17, 2016): 49 Below is NOW launched and it's a subscription, home delivery business. Prices range from $12 a pint to $132 for a 6 month subscription. Coooool!