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My Pursuit of Sweet Happiness

My Pursuit of Sweet Happiness

An Intro to Candy Makers and Candy Shops Around the World

When I cast myself off into the world of candy and candy making I did a whole bunch of research. Like easily a year's worth of it. Research into the candy market in general, research on how to make candy (and were there any schools that taught courses on it - umm...not really), research into the best ingredients I could get my hands on, and research into other candy businesses. Perhaps I did too much research because at times I felt intimidated - all these amazing products and people.... how on earth could I compete? Have I gone completely mad to think I can do this?

But ultimately, the creative drive in me gave me momentum to keep moving forward.

So here I am, actually making candy for a living!

And instead of intimidation, I now turn to these businesses and people for inspiration.

If I had all time & money in the world, I would visit all of these shops and try and meet all of the individuals behind the wonderful world of candy making. Ideally (and perhaps someday) my travels would be a year-long pursuit of Sweet Happiness. Oh how sweet that would be.

In the meantime, I'll create an ode to all the candy shops and candy makers around the world. I'm going to profile each one from afar because they all provide me with inspiration and a feeling of being less alone in the crazy world of candy entrepreneurship.

And when I'm fortunate to meet these people, visit these shops, I'll post pictures of me....eating candy, enjoying every moment of my pursuit of Sweet Happiness.


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