Karameller Candy Shop - Swedish Candy in Vancouver, BC

November 22, 2015

Karameller Candy Shop - Swedish Candy in Vancouver, BC

Just over a week ago I shut the shoppe and took the family to Vancouver, BC. It was part mini vacation (we decided not to stay with friends but rather glam out in a hotel) and part scouting trip to check out the Circle Craft Christmas Show (I'm hoping to get in next year).

But of course, while I was in the neighbourhood, I had to check out and splurge at the newly opened Karameller Candy Shop.

I'd read online about their opening and have been following the trend of these types of shops in New York City , Montreal and Toronto. By 'these types', I mean bulk Scandinavian candy that is free of GMOs, trans fats, corn-syrup and (typically) free of artificial flavours and colours. Yeah, the Scandinavians and Germans, for that fact, know how to make good candy.

These shop's are sparse and all white so the candy really pops. You can't help but want to try some. They bring in candy by the tonne, have their own labels and funky packaging and you, the customer, get to pick and choose what you like and pay by the gram.

As you can imagine, my girls and I had a grand ole time.

Karmeller vancouver



The girls bought a selection of their sour gummies while I dove into their licorice and all natural gummies. We ate everything in minutes, despite it only being 10:30am.

I would highly recommend this sweet little shop as a pit stop on your way to some great shopping. It's always nice to have a little something in your purse or pocket to keep your energy up too.