Liddabit Sweets - Scrumptious Sweets Handmade With Love

November 15, 2015

Liddabit Sweets - Scrumptious Sweets Handmade With Love

I can't get too far into this blog post series without shouting out to a business that was a HUGE inspiration to me - Liddabit Sweets in New York.

After I discovered how to make marshmallows and caramels (more on that another time), I hungrily searched for more candy recipes. That's when I discovered the Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook.

Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook

I absolutely love the cover shot of this book. It captures what I believe is the essence or spirit of the ladies. They infuse so much humour and personality into the book that I felt like they were talking directly to me.

And when I read that both ladies were in communications before they started candy making, well, as you can imagine, I felt like I had met kindred spirits.

Now, I haven't me these lovely gals but I dream that one day, when we do meet, we can laugh, share stories of growing a candy making business and cringe at some of the products they've tasted in their hilarious blog series "Tasting One for the Team".

Their business has grown from its humble beginnings, with two locations now in New York  State - one in the Chelsea Market in NYC and the other in Brooklyn. Like Tout de Sweet, Liddabit is a small-batch candy company specializing in caramels, lollipops, caramel corn but it's their handmade candy bars (a big specialty of theirs) that blow my mind.

Candy bar making is super time intensive.  In their cookbook they spell it all out so I feel like it is possible to make them at home but really, I'd rather just buy them.

I'm a huge chocolate, peanut butter and banana fan (in my shoppe I carry a flavour of gourmet peanut butter that is this flavour combo), so if I was to get one chocolate bar from Liddbit it would have to be "The King"

A Liddabit signature item, The King is soft peanut butter nougat sandwiched between a brown sugar-brown butter cookie with a layer of fresh banana ganache, and dipped in milk chocolate. Long live the King. Hallelujah!


So here's to Liz and Jen. May you both rise to be The Queens of the candy making industry. Although, in my mind, you already are.