Organic Marshmallows. Let the Madness Begin!

November 29, 2015

Organic Marshmallows. Let the Madness Begin!

So, to continue the story on how Tout de Sweet all began, the first real confection I made was marshmallows. Why marshmallows (you ask)? Well, I'd seen artisan marshmallows in a shop in Vancouver. And because I like marshmallows (I'm actually a bit of a candy-in-general fiend). My kids like marshmallows (ala mini candy fiends). So yeah, why not marshmallows. The question was, how could I do something different?

I did a bunch of research first (of course, because no marketing pro would attempt to do anything without a bunch of research first) and the first blog post to come up was Homemade Marshmallow Recipe, by David Lebovitz.

In the Tips and Troubleshooting section was this note:
If you’re wondering whether the corn syrup is necessary, or another sweetener can be used, please refer to my post Why and When to Use (or Not Use) Corn Syrup.

That lead me down the path to this post on how to replace corn syrup with your own homemade inverted sugar (insert angels singing hallelujah here).

Now, add the purchase of Shauna Server's book Marshmallow Madness and I became a marshmallow making machine.

marshmallow madness candy recipe book

I decided early on, I wasn't going to use corn syrup and to this day, I still make ORGANIC inverted sugar (syrup) and for my caramels I use (imported) organic tapioca syrup. The organic inverted sugar actually makes the marshmallows lighter and fluffier than those others that I found in Vancouver AND I could make them ORGANIC, which was a huge market advantage in my opinion.

I was also going to keep everything au natural - using fresh fruit and all natural (organic) flavours.

So there, I'd found my hook. I felt like could do this. THIS could be a business.

To jump back a bit, I would highly recommend Shauna's book to anyone wanting to make marshmallows. She explains EVERYTHING so well - from the bloom, to the temperature variations of the syrup, to the mixing. I hear from a number of people a the market that they've tried making marshmallows but they made a huge mess in their kitchen. It's likely they have over mixed the batter and if you try and take it out of the bowl when it's over mixed...well, it's not pretty. It's SUPER sticky and is a nightmare to spread.

We ate marshmallows for days in the beginning. Of all shapes and sizes (see this awesome recipe for marshmallow ropes. I tried them. Great fun but a tonne of work and they make a huge mess).

Now my kids won't eat 'the other kind' of mallows because they say they are too chewy and don't taste right. Now THAT'S what a mum and entrepreneur likes to hear.

But eventually we all kind of got sick of marshmallows. It was time to keep going so I went on the hunt again to see ......What else could I make?

< stay tuned for the continuation of this story >