Seven Artisanal Sweets to Stuff Your Stockings

December 06, 2015

Seven Artisanal Sweets to Stuff Your Stockings

With Christmas mere weeks away, it's time to get serious about what to ask Santa to bring your stocking. Here are a few sweet treats that I carry in the shop that have a story behind them. These edibles are from makers across Canada and the USA and like my own products, have only the best ingredients.



1. Chuao Chocolate (California, USA)  $7 per bar

Chuao chocolate bars are the mad scientists of chocolatiers. They create unusual, unexpected chocolate fusions. Our favourite is the Firecracker which is dark chocolate, chipotle and pop rocks (Yes! Pop rocks!!). But we carry at least four flavours in the shoppe at one time.

 frost bites cordials victoria bc

frost bites cordials gift sets

2. Frost Bites Cordials (Whistler, BC) $12 per bottle or $20 per gift set of 3

If you've been into my shoppe then I've likely encouraged you to check out Frost Bites Cordials. Cordials are quite British so I've had to explain that these are a concentrated fruit syrup that you add to water (still or sparkling). You only need a tablespoon of this to make the yummiest drink you've ever had. I love the fact that you can control the sweetness of the drink.

Oh and of course, these are absolutely PERFECT to use in cocktails (I even have recipe postcards that owner/creator Peggy has created to accompany these).

I stocked up on her seasonal gift sets but they won't last long so come into the shoppe and get them ASAP!

 Monkey Butter Victoria, BC

3. Monkey Butter (Toronto, Ontario)  $10 per jar

Monkey Butter gourmet peanut butter blends were born in East Vancouver (the sisters now work from Toronto). These are gourmet, all-natural peanut butters are blended with all natural ingredients to make the best tasting PB & J sandwich you will ever have.

I have one blend in stock right now which is the Dark Chocolate Banana. Even Elvis would be impressed. Not only do these flavours taste great together, but both bananas and dark chocolate also contain a lot of health benefits.


 pure infused maple syrup victoria bc

4. Pure Infused Maple Syrup from Nova Scotia  $25 per bottle

Pure Infused have redefined maple syrup. They infused maple syrup with some amazing natural flavors and the outcome is simply "PURE. It’s the ideal complement to sweet treats like panna cotta, crème brulee, scones. You can even sweeten up your morning coffee or evening cocktail.

You'll find two flavour combos in the my shoppe - Lavender & Chai, Vanilla & Cinnamon & Star Anise


5. Torie & Howard Hard Candies  $5 per tin

My mum always has wrapped hard candies in her purse. Sweet that are typically in a tin. For me there is something nostalgic and comforting about having hard candies in a tin, ready at a moments notice.

This year, I'm including a selection of these awesome hard candies by Torie & Howard in my mum's stocking. These sweets have no additives, no artificial flavors or colors and they are super flavourful. The perfect little treat for those young and old.

 treehouse chocolate victoria bc

6. Treehouse Drinking Chocolate  $3.25 per packet

I discovered Treehouse through Instagram and once I read that they are single origin bean-to-bar direct sourced cacao craft chocolate drinking chocolate, I knew I had to order a selection for the shoppe. All made with 72% Cacao, these are premiium drinking chocoalted crafted using organic cacao soured from Oro Verde farmer own cooperative in Northern Peru. These are single servings packages that come in 4 mixed combinations and has one that is dairy free (vegan).

Original: 72% Cacao. *contains organic dairy

Cherrywood: 72% Cacao with cherrywood smoked sea salt. *contains organic dairy

Camp: 72% Cacao with coffee. *contains organic dairy

Nectar: 72% Cacao chocolate with organic coconut milk & sweetened using coconut nectar. This one is crafted in small batches using cacao sourced from Acopagro farmer owned cooperative in Northern Peru. *Dairy Free
These are great paired with my Snowman Poop mini marshmallows. #Justsayin'.


cocolico victoria bc

7. Cocolico Strawberry & Dark Chocolate Sauce  $10 per jar

Cocolico is a Vancouver-based specialty chocolate company offering hand-made, small-batch chocolates and fine dessert sauces. And it's their dessert sauces that hit the mark for me.

I carry in the shoppe this amazing Strawberry & Dark Chocolate Sauce.

Made with local organic strawberries, Valrhrona dark chocolate and organic evaporated cane syrup, this sauce is the perfect accompaniment to any dessert. It is the perfect accompaniment for pie, cake, brownies, fresh berries and ice cream. Try it on pancakes, smothered on brioche, or by the spoonful.

This will most definitely be a staple in our house around the holidays.