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The Shoppe That's Never Open

That's what one of my daughter's friend's mum calls my shoppe.

Yes, I know. I have the worst retail hours ever. And I freely admit that. All the time. Openly. People regularly come into my shoppe and say "Oh! You are Open!". So, yeah, I know what everyone's thinking.

So this is a blog post to:

  1. justify why
  2. tell you that it's going to get worse
  3. how you can easily buy my products

First the justification.

As I described in this post, the original intention in starting this business was to not have to rely on retail hours. Not only do I have young kids but I have elderly (sick) parents. I need flexibility in my days to drive people places, pick up things, and stay home when people need me.

So my retail hours are limited because it's just me - no staff (yet). I make, package and ship everything on my own. So part of why I chose the spot I'm in was so that it will drive SOME foot traffic but not a lot (like if I was downtown, for instance). I can see that someday I want more foot traffic but for now, not-so-much.

In the end, I know that buying candy is an impulse item. Something you are likely to buy when you are at a store buying other items. It's a treat for you, your kids or a gift for a friend. So the way I see it, it is better to be in more places where you may or may not expect to see great candy.

Now, for the "going to get worse" part.

Today is moving day.....for my mum. My 85 year old mum has been living in her big house by herself and just before Christmas she had a fall that (we now think) was a result of a small stroke. So my husband and I decided it was time to move my mum in with us.

For the past 2 months we've undertaken renovations to our own home to accommodate her and today (Feb 28, 2016) is the day that we move her in. We are all very excited and happy for this day to finally come. But it is somewhat bitter sweet because we found out 2 weeks ago that my mum has been diagnosed with uterine cancer.

This is mum's 5th (yes, fifth!) bought with cancer in the past 15 years. And she's decided that she will NOT undergo any more chemotherapy. But she has agreed to a hysterectomy.

So this means appointments. Care taking. More time spent at home for all of us and more flexibility needed.

Starting Tuesday (March 1, 2015).

I'm shutting the shoppe on Tuesday so that I can drive mum to her anesthesiology appointment. And the following week she will be in surgery. And when she comes out, I will be shutting the shoppe for 1 week to look after her (March 14-19), which happens to be Spring Break in B.C. too.

I will try and adhere to my typical shoppe hours of Tues-Fri: 9am-3pm and Sat: 10am-4pm. But there will be days that I simply must shut the shoppe because my family needs me to. Sad as that might be for me and you.


If you are jones-ing for soft organic caramels, squishy melt-in-your-mouth organic marshmallows, chewy buttery fruity chews, you can EASILY buy my products at retailers near you or online.

I am SO excited to say that have a bunch of NEW retailers now selling my products!! In addition to my current list of stockists, I think I have a rock star list of places you can grab my treats. And hopefully, there will be more to come (I'm looking at you Drake General Store in Toronto and The Goods in Ottawa)


If you are in Victoria, pop by the Hudson Market and visit The French Oven Bakery.
If you are in Vancouver, swing on over to The Pleasant in Mount Pleasant.
Calgarians, you must visit The Uncommons.
Visiting or living in Banff, check out Banff Provisions General Store.


But of course, you can always buy direct from me here. Online. Where you will be supporting me directly.

Thanks in advance for understanding and bearing with me. Most of all, thanks for all your support!

Most sincerely,

Jeanette. Candy-maker. Entrepreneur. Mum and daughter. Owner of the Shoppe with the worst retail hours in the world.

PS - The Welcome Grama sign was made my 8 year old daughter Mallory who is excited and a little scared that my mum is coming to live with us.

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