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DIY Christmas Crackers

DIY Christmas Crackers

What a better way to spend a chilly December evening than putting together your own crackers for Christmas dinner! And we have just the DIY Christmas Cracker Kit for you!

Cozy up with your favourite hot chocolate and get ready to craft! We've got a couple fun designs down at our shop, as well as sweet delights to fill them with.

This cracker set contains the wraps, snaps, jokes, crowns and ribbons. You'll also need tape, scissors and a few pieces of candy. 


Step 1:

Beginning with the pattern side of the wrap down, fold along the scored lines to pop up the triangles.

Step 2:

Place the snap in the middle of the cracker and secure using tape.

Step 3:

Gently curve the sides of the wrap until it forms a tube. Starting with the middle, carefully slide the tab into the slot. Repeat with the bottom and top.

Step 4:

Tie a ribbon around one end of the cracker (where we folded in the first step), tightening until it is almost fully closed. Double knot the ribbon.

Step 5:

Fill the cracker with a joke, a crown and a treat!

Step 6:

Tie the other end with ribbon so none of the goodies won't fall out. Trim the ends of the snap so they aren't poking out of the cracker.

There we have it! You've made your first cracker.


Elves' Best also have a great tutorial on putting these together, if you're having some trouble.






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