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Maker Spotlight Series: Denman Island Chocolate

Maker Spotlight Series: Denman Island Chocolate

Denman Island is part of the Northern Gulf Islands, and only a short ferry ride from Vancouver Island. This little island is the ultimate hideaway for makers.

Denman Island is known for its stunning parks and artsy community, and just happens to be the perfect place to make chocolate! In 1998, Daniel and Ruth Terry turned their long time love of chocolate into a business, naming it after the island they decided to call home a few years prior. Focusing their efforts on organic and fair trade dark chocolate, the duo knew that they could make chocolate delicious and sustainable.



The basis of their company revolves around conservation and protection of the natural environment around them. Every aspect of their production is done with this in mind. Their facility is nestled among arbutus and fir trees, providing shade in the summer and shelter from harsh winds in the winter. They even wrap their chocolate melting machine in a cozy to conserve energy! It’s little quirks like this that show how much love and care goes into their chocolate.

Denman Island Chocolate locally sources all their ingredients, and ensures everything is certified organic. Conscious of initiatives such as the Orangutan Project to stop the use of palm oil, they make their chocolates with more sustainable alternatives. Waxes and preservatives are also kept off the ingredient list, as neither benefit our bodies or the environment. Everything is also completely soy, peanut, dairy and gluten free, allowing those with allergies to enjoy their chocolates!


They bump the cocoa mass content (ranging from 63-72%) by using more cocoa and less sugar. This results in a richer, more chocolatey taste. Dark chocolate lovers, this one's for you!

Alongside everything they do to make sure their chocolate making is sustainable, they also support local initiatives that help the environment. Each year, 1% of their gross income is donated to organizations such as the High Sierra Club and Denman Island Conservancy. In 2015, they created a chocolate dedicated to stopping the Enbridge Pipeline in Kitimat, BC. All of the proceeds from this bar were donated to Pull Together. You can find the full list of organizations they support on their website.


Good ingredients, good people and good chocolate! What's not to love?! In our shop in downtown Victoria, we've always got some of their goodies on our shelves, as well as on the online store.

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