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Maker Spotlight Series: Frostbites Syrup Co.

Maker Spotlight Series: Frostbites Syrup Co.

Frostbites Syrup Co. is owned and run by Peggy and her husband Martyn, in Squamish, BC. They are committed to using the local ingredients within their community to make 100% naturally flavoured cordials.

The beginnings of Frostbites was born in 2010, and started out as a shaved ice booth in Peggy and Martyn's local farmer's market.

A vacation to Kauai introduced the couple to the summery treat, which Martyn decided they needed to have at home. Soon enough they found themselves purchasing a machine off Craigslist, and cooking up their own syrups to go with it.  When situated in as plentiful a community as Squamish, BC, using real, fresh ingredients was a given. The flavour pairings came naturally to Peggy, who was at the time working as a professional chef in the music industry. Martyn was the brawn behind the project, and the two worked together to create delicious, natural snow cones.

They spent the summer selling snow cones topped with their homemade syrups at the farmer's market. Everyone LOVED them, and Peggy quickly became known as the "snow cone lady!" Their booth was always bustling, and so when it came time for Peggy make a career change, the decision was made to pursue syrup making full time.

Demand grew for them to bottle the delicious syrups for both local distilleries and people to enjoy at home. They continued their snow cone booth, but needed to expand their idea, as the temperatures BC summers are notoriously unpredictable. By 2013 they were established as a syrup manufacturer, and have been perfecting their cordials ever since. Constant attention to the methods, ingredients and proportions have allowed the syrups to become what they are today.

Many of Peggy's flavours are drawn from moments and nostalgia, such as enjoying a strawberry rhubarb pie on a warm summer day, or the holiday feeling that cranberry spice brings. The fruits and botanicals that are locally available and in season also serve as inspiration for new syrups.



Come down to our flagship location in Victoria to see which Frostbites we've got on our shelves!

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