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MEET THE MAKERS: Frostbites Syrup Co.

MEET THE MAKERS: Frostbites Syrup Co.

frostbites was born in the summer of 2010.

After a vacation to Kauai, and an impulse purchase of the ultimate souvenir (a shave ice machine!), husband and wife team, Peggy + Martyn, created frostbites with the intention of having a fun summer together selling.

A promise of using predominately locally grown ingredients to make their syrups, instead of using the common artificially flavoured day-glo & flavoured ones, frostbites became known for their fresh, unique, whimsical flavours.

Peggy + Martyn knew they were on to something great when their farmer’s market booth became a weekly stop for kids of all ages. Alongside the boom of local distilleries in BC, customers started demanding to be able to take bottles of frostbites syrups home with them to stir up cocktails and craft sodas. 


Cordial vs Syrup: A classical cordial is a concentrated, fruit-forward, sweetened syrup. A traditional syrup tends to be slightly thicker and sweeter. The end result is the same; both make delicious drinks!


With a life-long career in the food industry, and almost 20 years of traveling the world as a chef for musicians on tour, Peggy is the creative force behind frostbites. Influenced by her travels and what the farmers in the surrounding communities are growing, Peggy is ever intuitively developing new flavor profiles.  “I’ve always had a passion for local handmade foods, as well as the community experience of farmer’s markets, so this seemed like a perfect fit for me”. Always creating, always experimenting. Never boring!

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