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Mouth-watering Best Sellers: 6 of Our Most Loved Sweets!

September 28, 2018

Mouth-watering Best Sellers: 6 of Our Most Loved Sweets!

Here at Tout de Sweet, we've got so many goodies on our shelves, it can be hard to know where to begin! Here are the top 6 best-selling sweets, all available at our location in downtown Victoria.


1. Tout de Sweet Organic Caramels

From Pacific Sea Salt to Rosemary to Espresso Cardamom, Tout de Sweet has every flavour of caramel you could ever dream of! Buttery soft and made using locally-sourced, natural ingredients, there's a reason people keep coming back for these melt-in-your-mouth classics.


2. Rock Coast Toffee Bark

Made here in Victoria, these chocolate covered English toffees are absolutely to die for. Traditional techniques and quality ingredients make for a great gift, if they can even get that far!

3. Tout de Sweet Organic Marshmallows

Soft as a pillow and delicious as can be, these marshmallows are nothing like the ones you grew up with. Perfect to pop in a mug of hot chocolate, toast by the fire or eat straight out of the package.


4. Frost Bites Cordials

Handcrafted in beautiful Squamish, these cordials are super versatile. Whether you mix it into sparkling water, a cocktail or drizzle on top of dessert, you simply have to try one out!

5. Alicja's Confections Postcard Chocolate

With wacky flavours and gorgeous packaging, you can also mail these chocolate bars like a postcard! They're as delicious as they look, you're going to want to try them all! Fan favourites include Cereal & Milk, Ramen Bowl, Unicorn and Gone Fishing.


6. Tout de Sweet Organic Gumdrops

Bouncy, chewy and bursting with flavour, our gumdrops are the perfect bite-sized treat. Young and old, everyone is picking these off our shelves!