Now Buy Organic Cotton Candy Online

September 25, 2016

Now Buy Organic Cotton Candy Online

Since the very beginning I've been spinning cotton candy in my shoppe and selling it at markets around town. Well, it's finally available to buy online!

Made with 100 percent organic cane sugar and all natural plant-based colour and organic flavour, this is a new spin on a classic confection.

You can now add a tub of one of my five flavour combinations to your cart while you shop for other sweets like organic marshmallows, organic caramels, organic lollipops.

Here are the five flavour combinations:

Tout de Sweet Organic Cotton Candy

But wait, there's more!

Starting mid-October, you will find two more flavours made just for Christmas.

Tout de Sweet organic cotton candy christmas

You will only be able to buy these two until mid-December.

Cotton candy does have a limited shelf life in these containers. Meaning that it will only last about a month before it starts to shrink into a tiny puck of sugar. So if you are planning to purchase these for Christmas gifts then I suggest you purchase them at the end of November/beginning of December. Oh, and like all candy, keep them in a cool location.

So there you have it! Organic Cotton Candy. It really is a thing.