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Top Candy Recipe Books - Part 2

September 14, 2018

Top Candy Recipe Books - Part 2

Since opening our doors in downtown Victoria, we've been stocking our shelves with the best candy making books we can find. You can read up on our first edition of this list if you want to hear more about what we've been flipping through!

From exotic flavours to treats straight from your childhood, these recipe books will teach you all you need to know about baking and candy making.


Candy is Magic by Jami Curl

    This book follows Curl’s journey from baking to candy making, and the beginnings of QUIN Candy in Portland, Oregon. Dotted with anecdotes from her childhood and helpful tips, Curl will help you understand the science behind the ingredients and coach you through the fear of cooking sugar. The number of recipes in here are astounding. From lollipops to caramels, gumdrops, hard candies and magic dust, look no further for the ultimate guide to candy making!


Cookie Doughlicious by Lara Ferroni

    Cute as a button and stocked full of doughlicious treats, Ferroni lays out a few different recipes for cookie dough. From there, things get a little wild and the recipes begin to include the dough in the treats, such as Chocolate Espresso Cookie Dough Tiramisu and Baked Sugar Cookie Dough-Stuffed Apples. All the tools and ingredients are described in the first few pages, so even a complete beginner will have no trouble creating these confections.


Sweet Eats for All by Allyson Kramer

As a completely gluten-free and allergy friendly confectionery, we understand how difficult it can be to find sweet treats that can be enjoyed by those with food intolerances. This book is the ultimate guide for anyone in the vegan and gluten-free community who is looking for luxurious and decadent desserts. Kramer has taken classics from her childhood and adapted them to fit her dietary needs. Complete with descriptions of the different kinds of flours, fats, sweeteners, milks and binders that are necessary for vegan and gluten-free baking, even those new to the community will be all set to whip up something delicious. This really is the kind of recipe book that you’ll find yourself reaching for on any occasion, or even just a Sunday afternoon!


Gluten-Free Classic Snacks by Nicole Hunn

Another gluten-free miracle worker! Hunn nails recreations of the classic after-school snacks like animal crackers, girl scout cookies, and brand-name candy bars. This is the perfect book for someone looking to take a baking trip down memory lane. She’s got you covered with recipes both sweet and savoury. Her detailed instructions are easy to follow and takes the fear out of gluten-free baking.

The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz

If the mouthwatering photography doesn't entice you to pick up ice cream making, then I don’t know what will! With 200 recipes, Lebovitz pushes the limits of flavour with concoctions such as fresh ginger, sweet potato, and black current tea ice cream. He has also perfected the classic chocolate and vanilla if you’d rather stay on the safe side. The last section contains sauces and mix-ins to take the ice creams to the next level. The book describes, in depth, the equipment needed for the recipes, and how to find the right ice cream machine. Whether its a gift for yourself or someone else, this book is too gorgeous to pass up!


Hot Chocolate by Michael Turback

This sip-sized book contains an array of hot chocolate recipes for every mood. Turback describes the history of cacao in the first section, and embellishes each recipe with the cultural background and historical notes. This book is not only full of unique flavour combinations, such as lavender-pistachio and bay-leaf infused, but provides a introduction to the techniques that make for the perfect cup. Some of the recipes get a little boozy, while others bring you back to childhood. Whatever you’re feeling, this book has a hot chocolate for it!