Tour de Shoppe

July 03, 2016

Tour de Shoppe

Jeanette Miller Tout de Sweet Confections 2016Hi there,

I'm Jeanette.

I'm the Chief Candy Maker and Owner of Tout de Sweet Confections.

Welcome to my sweet-as-can-be working sweet shoppe. It's a small space, a mere 350 square feet but it's packed full of wonderful sweets, treats and gift ideas.

Tuesday to Saturday you will find me behind the counter mixing mallows, pouring lollipops, and wrapping caramels. I specialize in making #organic, #nutfree, #glutenfree candy with #noartificialflavours and #noartificialcolours.

tout de sweet organic caramels artisan

Tout de Sweet marshmallows organic canada




Tout de Sweet marshmallows artisan canada







I also carry lots of other sweet treats and snacks that have a similar philosophy or are just plain unique to Canada.





Frost Bites, Vegan Mallows Tout de Sweet


I'm located at 1267 Fairfield Road but you may also find me a few local farmers markets around town. Come shop soon!