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Soul Chocolate Mocha 60% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar

  • COMING SOON! Coffee and chocolate have a lot in common. Both come from a fruit and are picked when ripe. The seeds are fermented, dried, and roasted. And, they're both really delicious! 

    Fresh roasted, single origin coffee beans are refined alongside cacao for 48 hours, creating a coffee like beverage in bar form. They have somehow managed to transform your favourite mocha (expertly made from your friendly, local barista) into pure chocolate bar goodness. The coffee isn't overpowering, but blends perfectly into the creamy dark milk chocolate base.

    Toronto-based Soul Chocolate has been making tasty chocolate since 2015. They are best known for crafting fine ethically sourced, single origin, bean to bar chocolate.

    The pouch is made from compostable material and printed with soy ink.

  • Ingredients:

  • Soy free

    Made in a facility that contains allergens.

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