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About Us

The Sweet Story Behind Tout de Sweet

I'm Jeanette, the chief candy maker and owner of Tout de Sweet Confections. Everything you will find under the Tout de Sweet brand is made by me and my two hands. All the candy is produced in a sweet 350 square foot commercial kitchen located in Fairfield (Victoria, BC).

I started making candy at home and selling candy a local farmers market in 2014. I joke that I started the business as a "retirement project" because I left a 20+ career in PR and marketing to sign a lease on my commercial kitchen space in February of 2015. Next, I opened a flagship store in downtown Victoria in February 2017.

Making candy that is free from a few core allergens - nuts, peanuts, and gluten, as well as being organic, has become a major driving force and has definitely helped me push through the obstacles I've faced being a food entrepreneur.  I could have taken a much easier and cheaper route to share a kitchen with other food businesses, and to buy non-organic ingredients (getting organic whipping cream and butter is a major struggle sometimes). But each time I receive a note that says how appreciative someone is that they can eat or give my candy to someone who has a major allergy, it reminds me of why I took this route and it gives me a little push to keep going.

The Tout de Sweet team remains very small. It's just me, a part-time production assistant, and currently my eldest who manages the downtown store.

There's a lot more to what got me started in candy making and the journey to date. If you are interested then I highly recommend reading this profile on the local Talk Shop blog.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for supporting me in this sweet journey.

       Tout de Sweet flagship storefront