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Whether you are a customer with a question or a a retailer interested in carrying our product line, please send Chief Candy Maker and Owner Jeanette an email at

About Us

Putting a modern twist on classic confections. Tout de Sweet Confections is a small-batch Canadian artisan candy company that specializes in making fresh confectionery sweets that are all-natural, organic, corn syrup-free, nut-free and gluten-free (the kitchen and ingredients are 100% nut-free and gluten-free!). We’re making sweets the old-fashioned way - cutting and wrapping every piece by hand and using premium ingredients like fruit found in fields across British Columbia, BC's Avalon Dairy’s organic cream and butter, espresso from Level Ground, organic tapioca syrup (the list goes on and on).

Visit our Confectionery Store in downtown Victoria, BC and you will find a full selection of Sweets, Snacks, Sips and Snacks from a range of Canadian artisans.

 Everything we source follows our philosophy of no artificial colours & flavours, no corn syrup, organic (when possible), and items that just make celebrating a little more special. Pop into the shoppe when you can as we are always adding more items as we find them.