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Barkley's Mints

  • Barkleys is a range of Naturally Better Mints in beautiful classic tins. Refreshing mints, with a unique and intense flavor that can not be found in any other brand.

    Available in 3 flavours: Ice Mint, Cinnamon and classic Peppermint.

  • Ice Mints: sugar*, natural flavours (natural peppermint and natural spearmint), calcium stearate (vegetable based), maltodextrin**

    Peppermints: sugar*, organic peppermint, natural peppermint, calcium stearate (vegetable based), maltodextrin**

    Cinnamon: sugar*, natural red hot cinnamon flavour, calcium stearate (vegetable based), maltodextrin**

    • Sugar traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards, total 95%
    ** Non-GMO
  • Barkleys products do not contain products derived from milk, eggs and soy, nor does it contain wheat gluten.

    Barkleys products do not contain any animal substances; suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    Kosher and Fair Trade.

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