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Canada Goose Wind Up Tin Toy


Every major season, our family pulls out a special tin toy that takes centre stage in our holiday display. The kids have grown up with them and know to wind them carefully and not over-wind them either. Think about tossing out those cheap plastic toys for these classic tin ones and create lasting memories with your family.

he Canada Goose famously migrates from Canada to the warmer United States each winter to return north in the spring. Wind up our Colorful Canada Goose and she will waddle and walk as if she is tired from her long North American flight. She features a nice all-tin litho body and metal webbed feet. Humans that share the same migratory patterns are also called Canadian Geese or Snow Birds.

Type: Tin Wind-up Toy - Key Included
Size: 7" Tall (7 x 4 x 3 inches)
Package: Color Gift Box - "Canada Goose”