Chuao Chocolate Bars

In our Shoppe, we carry a small range of chocolate bars, each with their own 'personality'.

Chuao Chocolatier (pronounced chew-WOW) is Southern California’s premier artisan chocolatier. Chuao is known for their unusual, unexpected & delicious chocolate bars.

Each bar is handcrafted with ethically sourced cacao, all natural, and gluten free ingredients; manufactured in a facility that uses milk, soy, tree nuts and wheat on shared equipment.

  • firecracker: Sea salt, a dash of chipotle and popping candy crackle in dark chocolate. Contains milk lactose, soy.
  • maple bacon: Delicate maple sweetness, a sprinkle of bonfire smoked sea salt and crispy, uncured bacon in milk chocolate.
  • honeycomb: Luscious amber honey, caramelized into crisp bits and enrobed in dark chocolate.  
  • potato chip: Crisp kettle cooked potato chips and a hint of sea salt, mix and mingle in milk chocolate.
  • oh my s'mores: Mini marshmallows & crushed honey graham crackers reunite in milk chocolate.

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