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Cookie Doughlicious by Lara Ferroni

50 delicious recipes for cakes, cookies, candies, bars, pies, tarts, ice cream and frozen treats.

Cookie dough is no longer just for making cookies. Cookie Doughlicious shows bakers how to make 20 safe-to-eat, egg-free cookie doughs that take the guilt out of raw. Now, conflicted bakers don't have to choose between safety and spoonful of heaven. Each of the doughs can be incorporated into any of the delicious recipes.

Recipes include:

  • Peanut butter cookie dough-stuffed pretzels
  • Chocolate hazelnut cookie dough toaster tarts
  • Cashew caramel cookie dough candy bars
  • Pistachio-lemon cookie dough sorbet
  • Chocolate espresso cookie dough tiramisu
*Corners of book are slightly dented**

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