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Dell Cove Popcorn Seasonings

  • Dell Cove creates delicious, all-natural craft popcorn products that destroy boring movie nights and bring joy to the lives of popcorn connoisseurs everywhere. No weird or artificial chemicals or flavorings - just great tasting, all-natural spices!

    Sprinkle on your popcorn and enjoy munching your favourite snack. Dell Cove seasonings stick best when sprinkled onto popcorn that is buttered or spritzed with oil. Flavour your popcorn while it is still warm, so the popcorn can better absorb the spices.

    May contain MILK.
    Some flavours are VEGAN.
    No artificial additives or flavourings, and are GLUTEN FREE!
    Made in the USA.

    106 servings per package

    Dell Cove® Buttery Garlic popcorn seasoning is a sophisticated blend that is buttery and oh-so-indulgent. Is there anything more mouth-watering the garlic and butter? GLUTEN FREE. NON-GMO. SUGAR FREE. 

    Dell Cove® Dill Pickle popcorn seasoning is a flavored popcorn spice blend for your freshly made popcorn - and one of our favorites. Nothing satisfies your salty snack craving like the tangy, salty flavor of a dill pickle. Made with hints of garlic and the mouth-puckering taste of vinegar, this is perfect sprinkled over a bowl of buttery popcorn! GLUTEN FREE. NON-GMO. VEGAN.

    Dell Cove® Salt and Vinegar popcorn seasoning brings your favourite potato chip flavour to your favourite movie snack. This blend of vinegar with sea salt has the perfect amount of tang and sour enough to pucker your mouth. GLUTEN FREE. NON-GMO. VEGAN.

    Buttery and decadent, Dell Cove® Salted Caramel seasoning turns your popcorn into an indulgent treat. A little sweet, a little salty and with the perfect crunch, the flavor is a twist on classic caramel corn. A top seller! GLUTEN FREE. NON-GMO.

    Dell Cove® White Cheddar Jalapeno popcorn seasoning blends white cheddar and Parmesan cheeses with the heat of Jalapeño chilies for a yummy spicy popcorn topping. The result: a Southwestern spice blend that is creamy, spicy and delicious. Perfect for making a gourmet bowl of flavored popcorn for movie nights and watching your favorite sports. Our customers love our clean label flavoring blends! GLUTEN FREE. NON-GMO.

    Dell Cove® White Cheddar popcorn seasoning is a creamy, rich blend of white cheddar and Parmesan cheeses. No fillers, no chemicals - just real cheese made by small dairies here in the U.S. Because really, cheese is great all by itself. But sprinkled on popcorn? It's awesome. A top seller, our customers love our clean label flavoring blends! GLUTEN FREE. NON-GMO.


    Dell Cove® Buttery Garlic INGREDIENTS: Sea Salt, Dried Garlic, Butter Powder and Parmesan Cheese Powder. CONTAINS: MILK 

    Dell Cove® Dill Pickle INGREDIENTS: Dried Garlic, Sea Salt, Dried Onion, Spices (Dill, Black Pepper, Parsley), Natural Flavor, Distilled White Vinegar Powder (Non-GMO), and Citric Acid.

    Dell Cove® Salt & Vinegar INGREDIENTS: Distilled White Vinegar Powder (Maltoldextrin and Non Distilled White Vinegar) and Sea Salt.

    Dell Cove® Salted Caramel INGREDIENTS: Cane Sugar, Natural Caramel Flavor (gluten-free, non-GMO), Butter Powder, and Sea Salt. CONTAINS: MILK 

    Dell Cove® White Cheddar Jalapeno INGREDIENTS: Cheddar Cheese Powder, Distilled White Vinegar Powder (Non-GMO), Parmesan Cheese Powder, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, and Dried Jalapeño. CONTAINS: MILK

    Dell Cove® White Cheddar INGREDIENTS: Cheddar Cheese Powder (Cheddar Cheese [Milk, Salt, Cheese Cultures & Enzymes], Whey, Buttermilk, & Salt), Parmesan Cheese Powder (Milk, Salt, Cultures, & Enzymes), Cane Sugar, and Sea Salt. CONTAINS: MILK

  • Contains MILK
    Some flavours are VEGAN
    No artificial additives or flavourings

    Made in the USA