Frost Bites Cordials

  • Frostbites Cordial is a concentrated, fruit forward, sweetened syrup. Use frostbites syrups to craft cocktails, sparkle-up fizzy water, boost smoothies, drizzle over desserts, brighten up popsicles, or add to any other culinary endeavour.

    Packed with rich, lush, fresh berries, cordials are great in many applications: great for making Italian sodas, mojitos, sparkling wine, or add a splash to lemoncello in the summer. Try sneaking a splash in a salad dressing for a tasty surprise!

    Still not sure what to do with these cordials, visit Frostbites recipe page to be inspired

    A 375ml bottle makes, on average16-20 drinks

    A typical drink will use ½ oz to 1 oz of cordial.

  • INGREDIENTS per cordial

    ELDERFLOWER: water, elderflowers, cane sugar, lemons, oranges, citric acid

    BLACKBERRY GINGER: blackberries, cane sugar, blackberry juice, water, ginger juice, lime juice

    KEY LIME MINT: key lime juice, water, cane sugar, fresh garden mint

    LYCHEE YUZU: water, lychees, cane sugar, yuzu juice, lemon juice, lime juice, citric acid

    MANGO PASSIONFRUIT: mango juice, passionfruit puree, water, cane sugar, lime juice, citric acid

    MEYER LEMON LAVENDER: meyer lemon juice, cane sugar, water, lavender, citric acid

    RASPBERRY VANILLA: raspberries, water, cane sugar, raspberry puree, lime juice, bourbon vanilla beans, citric acid

    RHUBARB STRAWBERRY: rhubarb, water, strawberries, organic cane sugar, strawberry puree, lime juice, citric acid

    SOUR CHERRY: sour cherries, organic cane sugar, lime juice, citric acid

  • Hand crafted in Squamish in a facility that is free of nuts, gluten, soy and eggs.

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