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Frostbites Ginger Syrup

  • Frostbites ginger syrup is to die for and a "must have" item for cold and flu season. Frostbites caramelizes ground up fresh ginger root with organic cane sugar and add fresh pressed ginger juice, to create this sweet and spicy elixir.

    Mix the ginger syrup with sparkling water for slightly sweeter take on a ginger beer, or with hot water for a warming, spiced tea (a splash of bourbon makes a great toddy on greyer days).

    Try using in making Moscow mules, dark and stormys or a Presbyterian.

    This ginger syrup is a playful addition to your culinary arsenal, for livening up salad dressings and sauces.

    250 ml bottle makes, on average 12-16 drinks

    A typical drink will use ½ oz to 1 oz of syrup

    A little more about Frostbites: With a promise of using predominately locally grown ingredients to make their syrups, instead of using the common artificially flavoured day-glo & flavoured ones, frostbites became known for their fresh, unique, whimsical flavours.

    Peggy + Martyn knew they were on to something great when their farmer’s market booth became a weekly stop for kids of all ages. Alongside the boom of local distilleries in BC, customers started demanding to be able to take bottles of frostbites syrups home with them to stir up cocktails and craft sodas.


    Ginger, organic cane sugar, water, ginger juice, lemon juice, lime juice


    Made in a shared facility that may contain gluten/wheat.

    Does NOT contain any artificial flavours or colours.