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Glee Gum

    We don't make gum but in our Shoppe we carry this delicious ALL NATURAL CHEWING GUM from the USA. Classic Glee GUM is sweetened with Fair Trade cane sugar and brown rice syrup.
    • Sweet, classic bubblegum flavor
    • No aspartame or other artificial sweeteners
    • No artificial coloring or flavoring
    • No preservatives
    • Made with chicle to help conserve the rain forest

      *The Mini Glee Variety Pack is a great “green” option for Halloween treats, Easter baskets, and holiday stocking stuffers. The Mini size is perfect for pockets, party favors, and piñatas, too!

      Mini Variety Pack*: contains a convenient assortment of 21 Mini Classic Glee Gum boxes in 3 kid-friendly flavors - Tangerine, Triple Berry, and Bubblegum. There are 4 pieces of chewing gum per box.

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