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Hardbite Apple Cider Vinegar *NEW*

Coming Soon
  • In keeping with their pursuit of epicurean creativity (translation: because they like creating interesting flavour combinations), they’ve replaced regular vinegar with apple cider vinegar. Combined with the lighter notes of avocado oil it gives their chip a fresh tartness with a subtle apple finish. Don’t they sound, like totally sophisticated?

    Hardbite Chips is founded in Richmond, BC, and all their chips are made in Surrey, BC (BC’s only potato chip manufacturing facility). Their goal was to create the best natural chip and chose only the highest quality potatoes from local BC farmers they knew.

    Every chip is made with no preservatives, no GMOs, no trans fat, no gluten, no cholesterol.

    Potatoes, Avocado oil, Sugars (cane sugar, tapioca maltodextrin), Organic apple cider vinegar, White distilled vinegar, Salt, Citric acid..


    Hardbites are gluten-free and safe for those with gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease.

    No peanuts or other nuts are processed in the facility.

    There is a strict allergen management program which dictates that no ingredients can have peanuts and our suppliers must also have their own allergen management programs in place which eliminates cross contamination at their facilities.

    No MSG is used in any products or seasonings.

    The seasoning for Wild Onion & Yogurt, Sweet Onion, and Honey Dijon contain dairy. Before producing products that do not contain dairy, Harbites conducts a thorough cleaning of all equipment. Seasonings containing dairy are segregated from all non-allergen seasonings and they have their own specific tools (i.e. scoops) to prevent cross contamination.