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Lilliput Little Wind-up Tin Robot


This Lilliput Little Robot is a unique version the original tin toy robot - Lilliput NP 5357.

This special edition, Little Lilliput robot has a small and cute cube head with black feet and orange limbs, just like the famous original robot.  Wind up Little Lilliput and he quickly walks, moving his boxy body.  He is a little reproduction of a famous K.T. Japanese Robot of the 1940's, considered the first real tin toy robot. Collect all of the Lilliput Robot Series!

Type: One Wind-up Tin Toy Robot - Key Included
Category: Tin Toy Robot - For Collectors (not for children under 13)
Size: 2.5" Tall (2.5 x 1.75 x 1 inches)
Package: Retro Color Box - "Robot Lilliput"