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Mini Radiocon Robton Classic Tin Toy


Famous for his TV commercials (Partying with Sock Monkey), Mini Radiocon Robot is a reproduction of the classic Japanese "Radiocon Robot". This mini (5" tall) retro robot is the son of Radiocon Robot. Like his Dad, he has a spiral antena on the top of his head to catch imagined radiowaves from outer space. Wind him up and he moves his red feet ahead with the precision of a 1950's robot. His chest features meters and gears to prove that he is a real robot. His body is blue-grey with red feet and ears and moveable arms.  A nice collectible robot and a nostaglic gift!

The 2016 Wall Street Journal Gift Guide featured Mini Radiocon Robot as "Cyborg of Yore."
See WSJ Gift Guide Here: 50 Nostalgic Finds

Type: One Tin Toy Robot with Wind-up Engine • Metal Key Included
 For Collectors (not for children under 13)
Size: 5" Tall (5 x 1.5 x 2 inches)
Package: Colorful Box or Blue Chinese Take Out Box