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Robo Cop Tin Toy Robot Spin Head 6 Eyes


This unique Robo Cop Robot rapidly spins his head while he walks, swinging his arms. Just wind up the red tin can-shaped robot with his key and flip his back switch to begin the furious action.  

Proto is a primitive cylindrical wind up tin robot like Star Wars' R2D2 and Google's Droid.  He wears a meters and gears on his chest with 6 eyes on his spinning head. A rare tin collectors toy!

Type: One Wind-up Head Spinning Robot Tin Toy - Metal Key Included

Category: Tin Robot - For Collectors (not for children under 13)

Size: 5.5" Tall (5.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches)

Package: Windowed Color Gift Box - "Robo Cop - Tin Toy Robot"