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Soul Chocolate Cacao, Cascara & Rose Tea

  • Produced by Toronto-based Soul Chocolate, this tisane (tea) is a delicate chocolate flavour with a hint of sweetness. Cacao husk brings a chocolatey aroma.  The cascara is the dried fruit from the coffee cherry. Since coffee uses only the seed, the fruit itself is typically discarded. Once again, its packed with flavour - reminding us of cherries and honey.

    Dried rose is added for its delicate floral properties and it complements both the cacao husk and coffee cascara. You'll see what we mean once you crack open the lid of the tea tin itself!

  • Ingredients:
    Classic: Organic cacao husk, cascara, rose petals, natural flavours

    100% natural and plant-based.

    Made in a facility that contains allergens.